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Welkom bij Painting With Light BVBA. Wij verzorgen al uw licht- en verlichtingsdesign voor uw theater, tv, concert en entertainment business.

Painting with Light bvba is a young company that specializes in lighting design for entertainment purposes and for architectural applications (architainment). Apart from designers, the company also has specialized lighting programmers and operators to realize these designs.

Painting with Light was founded in 1999 by Luc Peumans. In 2002, Dimi Theuwissen and Jimmy Stas joined as partners. By now, Painting with Light is one of the market leaders in the Benelux, and is looking to extend this trend at an international level.

One of the fields in which Painting with Lights excels is in utilizing the latest technologies in the process of designing while at the same time increasing efficiency and output.

In 2000 the First European ‘virtual lighting studio’ was introduced, providing lighting pre-production facilities. In short, this means that a 3D computer model is made in which the show can come to life virtually, and in which the entire lighting can be programmed before the show.

This way of working is slowly breaking through worldwide. Painting with light is also importer, service provider and authorized trainer of this ‘WYSIWYG’ software in the Benelux.

A second project in which Painting with Light has been pioneering since 2004 is ‘digital lighting’. Digital lighting uses video signals, projectors and RGB-LED media in lighting in stead of conventional lighting sources. This includes designing and creating adequate content.

Another part of our activities is education and training. We realize all too well that there is a lack of competent people in the sector and that opportunities for training in Belgium are slim to none. We would like to actively contribute in augmenting the overall level of lighting programming and operating by sharing our know-how with young talent.

The company consists of a team of creative, enthusiastic and experienced lighting designers, programmers and operators who can deliver the high lighting standards required by modern productions.