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Two Pillars of Excellence
IMPEXTRACO has redefined and narrowed its focus. We’ve thought hard about the major issues the feed industry faces, and how best to help our customers deal with those issues.

We’ve thought hard about how best to apply IMPEXTRACO’s thirty years of expertise in the feed ingredients business.

In a crowded, complex market, our customers need accessible benchmarks. In the face of demands for absolute feed safety and nutritional improvement, IMPEXTRACO knows that excellence requires simplicity and specialisation.

IMPEXTRACO has reorganised itself entirely around our two Pillars of Excellence:

* Power-Protexion® Range:
Cost effective animal protection

* Xtra-Performance® Range:
Performance-based solutions for animal feed

Each of these product families delivers a clearly defined set of benefits to our customers.

IMPEXTRACO: Your expert in optimizing ingredient

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